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SKU: A10-410-2

Motocross axle with race hub.
Adjustable from -1.5"/+1.5".

The KTM / Polaris version uses a Honda Sprocket and includes conversion items for the different brake hub styles, all other OEM components fit.

What is included with this axle?

  (2) 1-1/2" Spacers P/N E0208
  (2) 23 spline W/H Shoulders P/N EA0217
  (2) Castle Nuts P/N B0031
  (2) Hitch Pins P/N B0054
  (1) Brake Hub Thrust Surface P/N EA0017
  (2) Brake Hub Snap Ring P/N B0221
  (1) Race Sprocket Hub P/N A13-410-R includes sprocket mounting hardware
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questions about rpm's axles?

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What makes the Dominator II axle so much stronger than other axle brands?

Over 20 years of engineering, testing and reengineering has gone into producing the strongest axle in the industry. Our proprietary 10-step process has been fine tuned to create the most durable axle designed to withstand the extreme stresses in the racing environment. The attention to detail that goes into every Dominator II axle produced ensures the highest level of quality and reliability.

What kind of warranty do I get with my Dominator II axle?

All RPM Dominator axles come with a Full Lifetime Warranty against bending or breakage for the original purchaser.  Each individual axle comes with a warranty card that can be filled out online, or mailed into RPM direct.  This card must be filled out within 10 days of purchase and on file at RPM for any warranty axles to be claimed!  Under this Warranty, we will either repair or replace the axle (at our option) for as long as you own your axle. All you will be responsible for is the shipping charges! BEWARE: Other axle manufacturers will replace a broken axle once for free, but then charge nearly $200 PER REPLACEMENT thereafter - not RPM! No doubt about it - we have the best warranty available anywhere in the industry.

What is a "hard" chromed finish?

Dominator II axles are hard chromed for a longer lasting shine than chrome plating that can often times flake off and leave a copper coloring underneath it over time.

Will the Dominator II axle fit all my stock components?


What's the difference between the standard hub and the race hub on the Dominator II axle?

The most common problem with aluminum sprocket hubs are the splines holding up to the horse power delivered to the axle. The standard hub is made from a 6061-T6 aluminum (The same as other manufactures of axles and hubs) and is good for stock motor's and may last 3 to 4 race seasons. The race hub is more robust and is made from a 7075 aircraft grade aluminum with a higher yield strength. It is preferred when using highly modified engines and has a much longer life in any application. It also has a mounting surface for an optional sprocket/chain guard. It comes with new mounting hardware needed for the thicker hub. It is used heavily in the pro racing circuit.